The Top of the Pipe: Done

I finished the top section of the pipe. It’s either 16 or 17 rows.
After this, I have a solid black row and then I start the bottom part.

I also started the top of the bush and the spikey guy.

I can already tell it’s going to be a huge frustration.


January 2012: Pipe started

I finally started the pipe. This picture is with 10 rows done.

Set 11: January 2012; Finally up to date!

All the photos I have posted before were old. …Very old. Some were from almost a year ago. This is my first set of progress photos that are totally up to date. In fact, these were taken last night.

Mario’s done. Isn’t he just the cutest?

It has gotten really long, too. It’s basically as long as my leg. That’s not saying much, though, considering that I am 5’1″ xD

About the Blanket

As you know, there is more to making the blanket than just what you see in the project photos. Here is some “behind the scenes” stuff, so to speak.

Here is the box I keep it in:

I had to move up from a smaller box, haha.

The main method I use to make the designs is called intarsia. It’s where you knit the different colored objects in blocks. That doesn’t seem to make much sense, but it means that I don’t cut the yarn off every time I knit part of a design. I also used the fair isle method for the bricks and a few other things. I’m not really sure how to explain that, so look it up

I use 32″ size 10 1/2 circular needles.
It is approximately 260 stitches wide.

The way I separate the yarn off for each section is by creating H shaped pieces of cardboard and wrapping it around them. They make things you can buy for that, but I’m cheap. Below is a picture of the different colors of yarn I used on the H thingies.
(I’m going to abbreviate Red Heart Super Saver as RHSS)


A. Bernat Super Value Harvest Colors: Redwood Heather (Bricks, ? block)
B. RHSS Cherry Red (Mario, Mushroom, Spiky Turtle Guy)
C. RHSS Light Coral (Cloud Guy, Turtle, Mushroom Stem, Mario)
D. RHSS Pumpkin (Mushroom)
E. Caron One Pound Sunflower (Mario’s Buttons, Coin)
F. RHSS Spring Green (Cloud Guy, Turtle, Dark Green in Pipe)
G. Peaches and Creme Bright Lime (Light Green in pipe, Bushes)
H. RHSS Delft Blue (or something like that) [background]
I. RHSS Coffee (Mario)
J. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice: Black (Coin, Cloud and Pipe outlines, bricks, ? Block)
K.  RHSS Buff (Top line in Bricks, coin, ? Block)
L. Caron Simply Soft Black (Border)

My Pattern

I realized that I hadn’t posted the pattern I designed that I’m going off of. Yes, I know it is not an actual shot of any part of the game. I designed it the way I did to get maximum Super Mario Bros awesomeness into the design.

The image includes the graph marks I added in Photoshop. The image was huge so I resized it. Unfortunately, that made the graph boxes totally and completely off.

Set 10: December 2011

In these photos, I have finished my bricks and the ? block, along with starting Mario 🙂 These pictures are from Christmas.

And a Christmas bonus:

My little pit bull, Gracie 🙂

Progress Photos Set 8: November 2011 (and again…)

I was zooming through the blanket past November. I was excited to finally start on the bricks and the question block.


? block

Progress Photos Set 6: November 2011 (again)

As you can tell by the dates, I began to work on the blanket much more often. I finished the little cloud dude. He was only mildly frustrating. The blanket has gotten quite long by this time.

Little cloud dude

Length comparison to my hand. My hand is about average length for a girl’s hand, for reference.